“Art and Grace” and 1 more

Coming down the stretch of murisopsis’s poetry scavenger hunt! This prompt was to write a Joseph’s Star or a poem incorporating the words super, technicolor, coat, and stars. Peace to your !

Art and Grace

wore blue jeans
cut off at the knees
to showcase stumps riotous
with roses, and those passing
paused for a second

For screen readers:


one coat on your car or boat
fish will wish for sunglasses
drivers of Jaguars will see stars

Jo Jo’s—The Paint that Ain’t Faint

“Lunch” and 1 more

Tenth prompt for the poetry scavenger hunt hosted by A Different Perspective. Write a Golda or incorporate words related to gold into a poem (I took a subtle approach). Peace to your !


a green salad
a bowl of chips.

One more
of chips
and still tempted
to title this
“Steph’s Stuff.”

This Might Be a Myth

The arthropod limped along,
A victim of arthritis.
The rhino sneezed in multiples,
Afflicted with rhinitis.
The mite was tiny, and as such,
Got just a touch of mitis.

According to the textbooks,
The effects of it are dual:
The mite turns a deep yellow
And starts acting like a fool.
But it’s rarely diagnosed
Since mites are miniscule.

“My Tuscany” and 2 more

Now up in murisopsis’s poetry scavenger hunt: to write a Bryant or a poem about politics. Peace to your !

My Tuscany

     Its vines and rolling hills,
Slow golden hours, with food and time to share,
I prize from books and photographic stills—
     Unwise to venture there.

Political Indigestion

The latest news
from Capitol Hill:
they’re working on
a bipartisan bill
to fund research
into a PC-pill
for those who are
impolitically ill.

Political Wordplay

There is the half-fact (or ‘fa’)
And the one who speaks it (‘I lure’)
Which combined create
A failure of moral integrity.

(I’ll put a plug in here for the American Solidarity Party.)


The next prompt in the poetry scavenger hunt at A Different Perspective is to write a Coraline. Peace to your !


One Coraline (who would be queen)
Was brought before the widowed king.
Her skin was fair, outside ‘twas spring;
Anon the king was very keen
To walk with her down lovers’ lane.
A bonny start to her campaign!
He had her dressed in velvet green
And offered her the royal ring.

This Coraline, once crowned as queen,
Made him her puppet on a string.
She flouted laws; she had a fling;
Whene’er she could, she made a scene.
In short, she grew a royal pain;
The king grew mad from all the strain.
He sent her to the guillotine.
That put a stop to everything!

“Life and Living It” and 1 more

We’re up to prompt #7 in the poetry scavenger hunt hosted by murisopsis. Write a Daisy Chain or a poem about flowers. The Daisy Chain wouldn’t rank among my favorite poetry forms (I feel like the poem turns out stilted), but I’m satisfied with the result after allowing myself a tweak in the final line. This poem by Pat Schneider was playing in my mind. Peace to your !

Life and Living It

Not many people have ordinary patience,
Patience for life’s more ordinary moments.

Moments like those mornings, you and me:

Me, breakfast tea in hand, musing, and you,
You with your cold brew, grinning at nothing.

Nothing—except breathing—extraordinary.

Extraordinary, isn’t it, this simple daily rite?
Right—but we grasp more often than not.

Oopsy Daisy
(an inverted acrostic)

“You know,”
She said coyly, draping her left hand on my arm,
“It’s been almost a year since we met,
And I’d love to make arrangements.
Don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” I replied, undraping her hand and kissing it,
Sure I knew where this was leading.
I indirectly confirmed the date
And on A-day proffered two enormous bouquets,
Delighted with myself.

“You know,”
She said ruefully, dividing them among various vases,
“I love you, but you’re a complete and utter dunce.
Arrangements—what could be clearer?
Diamond ring? Wedding bells?”


Do Not Forget Your Glasses

Prompt #6 in the poetry scavenger hunt at A Different Perspective is to write an Emmett or a poem about clowns. I’ve worn glasses since I was in kindergarten, and initially I didn’t always care to wear them. Fortunately, when I “forgot” them on a trip to the circus, we had front-row seats. Peace to your !

Do Not Forget Your Glasses

Not when you’re circus bound;
When others focus on the rings,
You’re seeing blurry cream-pie slings.
Circus tumblers going ‘round
Bound in fuzzy-sequined bling.

Do not forget your glasses,
Not when you’re circus bound.
Forget your clowning—look around!
Your seat’s among the masses.
Glasses must (else the show’s a bust) be found!

“We Were Young and Restless” and 1 more

Murisopsis’s poetry scavenger hunt prompt #5: to write a Laurette or a Lisa Rima. I had a grade school friend named Laura, and I would go to her house for our dance sessions. Her dad was a science teacher (her mom taught us in fifth grade), and he apparently dissected cow’s eyes on their dining room table (fortunately never when I was there). I also had a high school friend named Lisa, but what her actual bucket list might be, I have no idea. Peace to your !

We Were Young and Restless

Laura and I
Pretending at ballet,
“Nadia’s Theme”
Our special joy.
Again! Let’s grand jeté!

(“Nadia’s Theme” was the theme music for the soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”)

You Go, Girl!

On the bucket list of Lisa
is to see the sights of Pisa
and the pyramids of Giza
by herself.

“To Be that Kind of Person” and 1 more

More from murisopsis’s poetry scavenger hunt. The fourth prompt is to write a Marianne or an acrostic using the name Marianne. Peace to your !

To Be that Kind of Person

My friends, let us
live kindly. Imagine
if people couldn’t forget us,
once blessed to have
met us.

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Ma’am, you with the frill,
Answer if you will:
Red plus yellow equals what?
I’m on sale, a steal,
And I’ve got a-peel,
Not like the dried apricot.
Navel-gaze—don’t I amaze?
Evidently not.

“Prima Donna” and 1 more

Murisopsis’s poetry scavenger hunt prompt #2 is to write a Donna or an ode to a woman named Donna. My friend Donna died in July of last year from covid, and I’m grateful to be able to write a tribute to her. Peace to your !

Prima Donna
(my first one)

My mind is mush; my brain is fried.
I think I’m gonna quit.
I don’t wanna
Write a Donna.
Hey—hold on—this is it!

Letter to Donna

Dear Donna,
Faithful friend
And sister
In spirit,
On the drive
To meetings—

A prayer
Here on earth,
In heaven
Even more,
For me, friend,
No end.