being visited by words

What is it with the word today?
It’s come and hasn’t gone away.

I’d like to entertain a thought
And have some sandwiches for tea,
But it’s simply out of the question
When I have other company.

It’s not that I don’t have the space.
It’s a matter of being able
To speak with conviction without
Another word at the table.

Yesterday today stayed here
And will tomorrow, too, I fear.

Poem title from chapter 53 of poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge.

Peace to your !

sknit (n.) / and three more

NaPoWriMo21 – Day 25. I’m going my own way today and posting four short poems written this month that all define or describe words. Peace to your !

sknit (n.)

a state of irritation caused by a dropped stitch;
not to be confused with sknot,
which sounds like mucus but is a kind of knot

from The Dictionary of Homophones

The difference is quite easy to define:
Q is a letter; queue, five letters in a line.


Where you go, I go.
When you come near,
I feel the leash grow taut.


It feels
like a breath
held held held—
let go!