Snow Bother / Speaking of Snow

I’m not sure I was ever passionately in love with snow, even as a child. But I certainly loved piles of snow when it meant getting a day off school. The school district here no longer has snow days. When the weather is bad, students have a Flexible Instruction Day, which means spending the day learning online. I feel bad for the elementary-age children especially. Peace to your !

Snow Bother

Don’t you wish the piles of snow
Would never ever ever go?
Or are you like my father,
Who considers snow a bother,
And always while he’s shoveling
Is wishing it were spring?

Speaking of Snow

“No more snow,” says Mama.
She’s had enough.
“No! MORE SNOW!” we cry.
We like the stuff.

We wake to white,
a wintry delight.

Mama groans.
“No, more snow,” she moans.
We bundle up, go out to play.
Only then do we shout “HOORAY!”

opening shots

There will be three:
   the forest of gentle menace,
   the atrium of white silence,
   the sea of blue chairs.
The viewer will notice first:
   the denuded spires of the trees,
   the billowing of the marble arches,
   the methodical stacking of the chairs.
And as the camera pans out:
   the pockmarked snow,
   the solitary white chair,
   the blue of the sea.

Poem title from chapter 11 of Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge.

I based this poem on three photos selected from the @SpaceLiminalBot Twitter account. Peace to your !

snowflakes and secrets

A single snowflake
Alight on your mitten. Oh!
Tiny miracle!
Not a word, not a breath now,
A brief wonder, and it’s gone.

© Stephanie Malley
Poem title from chapter 20 of poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge.

NaPoWriMo21 Day 19 – I didn’t use today’s prompt.

Since I was the one who suggested yesterday’s poemcrazy prompt, I was especially interested to see today’s showcased poem. I love what Poem Dive did with “The Answer Squash.”

I wrote this snowflake poem this morning. Seems appropriate to post it on the heels of yesterday’s snow angel. Peace to your !