Clouds streak across the sky,
Pursued by geese, speeding toward

We’re also speeding toward Halloween, and the neighborhood is getting decked out with skeletons and scarecrows and, of course, pumpkins. The header photo shows our porch with some of the 32 Long Island Cheese pumpkins we harvested this year. We’ve been tossing old pumpkins over the side for a good while, but this is our first experience with this particular kind of pumpkin. The vine completely took over the bushes in front of the porch. Peace to your ♥ !

“Three Brief Lessons on Worms”

Building on the idea, mentioned in my first post, that as a newbie blogger I’m like a baby bird learning to fly, I herewith present my very modest collection of birds.

It’s a like affair that goes back at least to eighth grade, when I won an essay contest with a short piece on a bird flying over fields and valleys. That’s it, just flying. Perhaps the competition wasn’t that stiff. :)

Peace to your !

Three Brief Lessons on Worms

A bird is a worm eater;
Ergo, a worm is a bird feeder.

the early worm
how quickly it becomes
the late worm

The rain, a worm
Curved like a question mark:
Food for my children, a robin

© Stephanie Malley
[This poem was published in the 2018 issue of the Loyalhanna Review.]