opening shots

There will be three:
   the forest of gentle menace,
   the atrium of white silence,
   the sea of blue chairs.
The viewer will notice first:
   the denuded spires of the trees,
   the billowing of the marble arches,
   the methodical stacking of the chairs.
And as the camera pans out:
   the pockmarked snow,
   the solitary white chair,
   the blue of the sea.

Poem title from chapter 11 of Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge.

I based this poem on three photos selected from the @SpaceLiminalBot Twitter account. Peace to your !

“Blue Without You”

I loved, as a child, lying on my back on the ground. Sometimes I lay on a blanket, sometimes directly on the grass. Eyes closed, muscles relaxed and supported by the warm earth–it made me feel grounded. Opening my eyes and looking up at the sky evoked an entirely different feeling. Peace to your ♥ !

Blue Without You

I lie beneath
a tangible sky, lungs full
of visceral blue.

If only you
were here with me, drowning
in this deep

blue sea, too.

© Stephanie Malley

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 21 – Write a poem in honor of Earth Day.

“Blue Without You” Blitz

Next up for poetic forms: the blitz poem. I struggled with this one. Writing the lines in alphabetical order is not a requirement of the form but helped me find a way into the poem. Peace to your ♥ !

 Blue Without You 

Ask me what I know
Ask about blue
Blue the emotion
Blue the sky canvas
Canvas for clouds
Canvas of my dreams
Dreams of you and me
Dreams we elope
Elope to France
Elope somewhere far
Far from here
Far from your grandpa
Grandpa the grim
Grandpa with his hounds
Hounds with their noses
Hounds that identify
Identify my scent
Identify and jinx
Jinx my attempts
Jinx though I keep
Keep trying to love
Love and be loved
Love as we were meant
Meant from all time
Meant for now
Now and forever
Now it is over
Over but not forgotten
Over like the past
Past with its innocence
Past without questions
Questions from others
Questions about right
Right background
Right social standing
Standing staring heavenward
Standing with my thoughts
Thoughts blue upon blue
Thoughts of us
Us holding hands
Us rising victorious
Victorious over fate
Victorious and wishful
Wishful and woeful
Wishful for you
You who stole my heart
You who keep it still

© Stephanie Malley