True Story

Not a yarn:
that my Grandma Boos
taught me how
to crochet.
Yarn: the many, many skeins
of my mom’s, now mine,

coasters and afghans
to brighten
others’ days,
tangible love handed down
three generations.

My mom’s acrylic yarn is what I’m using to crochet small afghans for Project Linus, which distributes new handmade blankets to children in need (for example, in hospitals). I’m fortunate that there are Project Linus drop-off boxes in the JOANN fabric stores in my area. For the coasters, I’m using up her 100% cotton yarn, which can take the heat of a hot mug. There’s enough yarn for at least 200 coasters–it brightens my days, too, to be able to give them away. Peace to your !

my sunshine coaster pattern here


  1. murisopsis says:

    This strikes a chord in me. My mother left a huge amount of yarn when she passed. She had been crocheting chemo caps and hats but in the last couple years of her life her eyesight deteriorated to the point of having to give it up. My youngest sister has been making all that yarn into afghans, ponchos, hats and even hot pads…

    1. How wonderful that your sister is using up your mom’s yarn stash. I don’t know if you’ve gotten some of the things she’s crocheted with it. It would be like having a bit of your mother with you.

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