Hey Poet!

Should you ration
your passion, a dollop a day?
No way!

Pour it on
with gusto a gallon at a time!
You rhyme!

NaPoWriMo22 Day 17 – A poem on the theme of passion, murisopsis’s prompt #9. Also, in honor of National Poetry Month, here are two old-to-me, new-to-you poems that might whet your appetite (even more) for poetry. Enjoy! Peace to your !

The Poetry Café

At the Poetry Café,
You can read a poem a day.
Try some free verse or a rhyme;
Haiku, if you’re short on time.

While you eat your sticky bun,
Sample some of Dickinson.
Silverstein pairs well, we think,
With an extra-fizzy drink.

Those who don’t read poetry
Are missing out on vitamin P!
Come and get your RDA*
At the Poetry Café.

*Recommended daily allowance

Pass the Poetry, Please!*

I’m hungry for poetry.

A salad with Italian sonnet dressing
would be nutritious.

A breaded chicken couplet
might hit the spot.

Apple pie à la ode sounds delicious.
I’d like that a lot.

*title of a 1987 book by Lee Bennett Hopkins


  1. Sonia Dogra says:

    Those who don’t read poetry
    Are missing out on vitamin P! Loved this.

    1. serendippitysays says:

      I really appreciate your letting me know, Sonia! Happy day to you! Stephanie

  2. murisopsis says:

    Delightful! Poems about poetry are always fun!!

    1. 😊 Thank you Muri!

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