The Table’s Complaint

Monty Vern of Monty’s Blahg is launching a Golden Shovel monthly collaborative project, with three prompts for poets to respond to. In a Golden Shovel poem, each word in a given line of verse is used as an end word, in order, in the lines of your poem. Thank you, Monty, for the opportunity–I hate to do this to a lovely line of verse!

A golden shovel poem using the line

…feel the wet maple leaves flicker in the rain”

from “The Leaves of a Dream are the Leaves of an Onion” by Arthur Sze

The Table’s Complaint

No one considers how I feel,
covered with bits of breakfast: the scrambled egg scraps, the
itchy Pop-Tart crumbs, the wet
orange juice spill that mars my complexion, the maple
syrup smear. Everyone leaves
spit-spot—toodle-oo, no thanks to you—without a flicker
of interest in me. It’s a pain in
the wood. If I had four good legs, I’d walk away and let the
leavings wash off in the rain.

13 thoughts on “The Table’s Complaint”

  1. Haha. How creative! I guarantee that there will be no one else that takes this line and converts it to a table top complaint. This is why I love the collaboration aspect of this project and it works so well with The Golden Shovel as it provides so much flexibility. Thank you so much for joining in on the project. You’ve absolutely made my day. Now off to give my table top a nice bath and let it know it’s appreciated!

    1. Thank you, Monty! My tabletop could certainly lodge a few complaints. :) I’ve worked on another of your prompts which I’ll post later and hope to tackle the remaining one, too. Looking forward to many months of happy digging!

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