Joywriting / Controlled Abandon

Companion poems from my poemcrazy project. Peace to your !


With swoop and soar, with whoop and cry,
Fly, Icarus, fly!

An eagle with a glinting eye,
High, Icarus, high!

I write my name across the sky,
I, Icarus, I!

Controlled Abandon

Too far ahead, too high, my Icarus.
My heart beat fast to see him swoop and soar.
My wings trembled for him. And when he plunged,
I tore my eyes away. Ah, Icarus!
My golden boy! You overshot your wings;
I flew my steady course. And both too late
In life to master now the middle way
Of utter unincinerating joy.

Poem titles from chapters 43 and 46 of poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge.

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