“Sound Bites”

In November we remember in a special way our loved ones who have died. Peace to your and to the hearts of all who are grieving.

Sound Bites


My revised wish list:
acoustic tiles for the ceiling,
tapestries for the walls,
carpeting for the kitchen floor.

There is too much dead space
and more echoes
than one person can absorb.


Did you know you can hear
the ticking of the living room clock
from the master bedroom?

Either my hearing’s getting better
or I was deafened by the softness
of your breathing.


Some days I recognize
the tune but not the words;
other days, the same two lines
play in an infinite loop.
Always I dream we are dancing
to a rhythm I used to know.


When I call myself back to reality,
my voice sounds strange,
like I’m on a deserted island
with bad cell phone reception.


I talk into thin air and am crushed
by the weight of your silence.


“How are you doing?” Do you
really want to know?
I fudge a little
or a lot. I would love
to discuss this with you.


I have a raincheck
for a future conversation
tucked between the photo of us
at our wedding and the one of you
in the casket, where I can’t forget it.


Your life spoke volumes. Now
your voice is only a whisper

and I am afraid

I can barely
hear it.

© Stephanie Malley

NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 23 – Write a poem based in sound.

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