“Remembering Eden”

Some non-rhyming verse for a change. Peace to your !

Remembering Eden

I am more or less tense,
sometimes more sometimes
less but always holding
my breath not even
realizing it until
a sudden shaft of sunlight
pierces the clouds
and my whole being sighs
for a glimpse of Paradise.

Adam and Eve breathed freely
the translucent air there,
unaware of rhythm and ease
until that first gasp of astonishment
at finding themselves naked,
that first holding of breath
hiding from God, every muscle
tensed for flight.

To exist is to be tense, each atom
constrained, remembering Eden.
It is second nature to me
now, but at some time
I will be past tense,
elemental again,
my last breath
one endless

© Stephanie Malley

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