“Four Poems Before Breakfast”

I haven’t written any poetry since April’s NaPoWriMo challenge, but there have been times in the past when I’ve been inundated with inspiration. Not quite as abundantly as in the poem below, thank goodness. Peace to your !

Four Poems Before Breakfast

I wrote one poem a quarter past midnight,
The next by the dawn’s early light,
I think there were two
While using the loo—
It’s a great place to sit down and write.

Four poems before breakfast, I’m certain;
I revised them while forking eggs in.
After that, a whole slew
Came out of the blue,
Though a few ended up in the bin.

At ten I had tea with some limericks,
And I roughed out an ode just for kicks.
Lunch time
Was really a crunch time,
Why, I wrote down at least five or six.

Now that it’s dinner, my appetite’s sated.
Really, I’m quite nauseated.
A single haiku
Would make me spew—
No more poems till I’ve recuperated.

© Stephanie Malley

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