“Interior Cat”

Buddy is an indoor cat, though he doesn’t have unlimited use of the house. The steps leading upstairs are blocked off by a piece of cardboard he could jump over if he were smart enough to realize it. He also gets put down the basement at night, where he has a number of comfortable sleeping options, among them the top of a canvas suitcase. Sometimes he’s so ready to call it a day, he waits by the basement door for one of his people to accompany him downstairs for his nightly brushing; other times we have to gently tip him off the chair he’s snoozing on. Rough life!

Peace to your !

 Interior Cat

 Who needs an interior decorator
 When you have an interior cat?
 Our Buddy’s classic cat design
 Looks good on anything flat.

 Why get caught up in color schemes
 And matching this hue or that?
 Every rug, afghan and throw pillow
 Goes well with our black-and-white cat.

 Why spend money on knickknacks 
 That just gather dust on the shelf?
 No china cat compares with ours;
 He practically cleans himself.

 © Stephanie Malley