Temptation Noshing

Do you find that one chip (potato, tortilla, chocolate) leads to another and another and another? If so, you’re not alone. Peace to your ♥ !

 Temptation Noshing

It ends as usual, with the bag
Sadly, secretly, mechanically
Depleted, a routine carried out
With meticulous indifference
To the long-suffering voice of reason,
Conveniently obscured by munching.

How can I ignore the devil in my drawer?

Carrots don’t beg to be binged. But chips?
They wheedle from the dark of the drawer,
Faintly but firmly, more, more, more, more.
If it were only me and the cat,
I’d banish them from the house; instead,
I keep the kids supplied. It’s foolish
To fraternize with the enemy,
But noble to sacrifice for love.

How can I ignore the devil in my drawer?

I know the trick, to play deaf and dumb,
To deem the snack drawer no different
Than the rest. But I’ve no guile in me,
So my husband says. I can’t pretend.
Every time I’m put to the trial,
I’m guilty of opening the bag.

How can I ignore the devil in my drawer?

© Stephanie Malley

This is an example of a bop poem, the next in my poetic forms challenge based on Robert Lee Brewer’s list of 100 poetic forms.

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