“Waiting Room Window”

If you’ve ever spent time in a windowless examination room, you know how boring and claustrophobic it can feel. On this visit to the dermatologist’s office, the plate glass window along one side of the room transformed the wait into a poem-worthy experience. Peace to your ♥ !

 Waiting Room Window

It’s better than a fish tank. More expansive. You’ve never breathed deeply
until now, and you let your lungs inflate. The sharp seconds and tight minutes,
they’re gone. The tight muscles between the blades of your back, vanished.
You imagine sidearm casting your watch over the sill and watching it fall
the full nine stories, disappearing into the black boulevard sea without a
splash. A momentary blip. The cars have been rolling past in waves for ages,
possibly eons, part of a long exhalation. They are so impossibly tiny, you
could fish one out and hold it, captivated, in the palm of your hand. For once,
you might try angling for a follow-up appointment.

© Stephanie Malley

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