“Intoxicated by Poetry”

In my last post, I mentioned that I have a collection of poems about Buddy, my family’s cat. About a dozen of them were written in the space of three days a few weeks ago. I can never predict when the muse will strike full-force like that, but when it does, poetry consumes my thoughts for the duration. The following warning applies:

 Intoxicated by Poetry

I'm not one to drink and drive,
But I confess I think and drive.
And furthermore, there have been times
When half my brain’s been full of rhymes.
I watch for traffic, lights, and signs
While marshaling words into lines.

Thus far I’ve managed to survive
With only half a mind to drive.
And though I know the driver’s seat
Is no place for poetic feet,
It’s easier to abstain from drinking
Than to refrain from adverse thinking.

So if you see me driving by,
Steer clear—I may be DUI*.

*driving under the influence

© Stephanie Malley

Peace to your ♥ (especially if you see me driving by)!

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