Have you ever looked back at a poem you wrote, that you thought was a finished poem, that you liked well enough at the time, and found it disappointing? The poem below–well, let’s just say it came across as bland and lacking in rhythm when I reread it. So the dilemma becomes, do you revise it or not? Is it worth the time and effort? In this case (six years after the fact), I decided it was. Peace to your ♥ !


Do I or don’t I want to go?
I wish it were a simple yes or no.
Let’s say I don’t—that suits me fine,
Except they’ll think I’m snooty to decline.
Maybe I’ll pop in and out, and yet,
Mingling makes me break out in a sweat.
All I want’s a choice I won’t regret.

© Stephanie Malley

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